– focused on improving muscular function and anatomical structure. With the use of deep pressure and slow defined strokes.
60 Minutes = $85.00
90 Minutes = $120.00

Fertility and Pregnancy:
– comforting massage that reduces aches and pains of pre- and post-natal changes, also relaxing for the baby.
60 Minutes – $85 – Pregnancy only
90 minutes = $120 – Fertility only

ACE Cupping: (MediCupping)
–¬† ACE cupping is a vacuum therapy using plastic¬† cups and a vacuum pump to help separate the layers of tissue and release adhesion.
60 Minutes = $95.00
90 Minutes = $130.00

Hot Stone:
– hot stone massage is a very soothing and penetrating way of applying heat to the body. Warm basalt stones’ warmth restores your natural balance.
60 Minutes = $95.00
90 Minutes = $130.00


Chair Massage:
I am available for corporate chair massages for functions at your business. $60/hr (3 hour minimum

Appointment times:
– all appointments will start and End on time. If you are late it will limit your time and the effectiveness of the treatment. Your treatment will end on time and the full value of the session will be applied.

Рpackage discount available


Theresa Teague Massage